“To apply ICME technologies for efficient development of superior engineered solutions”


“To accelerate development and deployment of innovative materials solutions for a sustainable future”

About QuesTek Europe

QuesTek Europe AB was established in 2016 as a corporate joint venture between QuesTek International LLC and Thermo-Calc Software AB. The idea was to bring together QuesTek USA's Materials by DesignTM expertise with the computational software development expertise of Thermo-Calc Software. By doing this, we are able to offer Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) technologies and modelling services, as well as designed novel materials, to the European market.

QuesTek aims to accelerate the world’s technology development by offering computational materials design and modelling services that can enhance development and “discovery” and enable “design”, thereby shortening the time for the implementation of new materials.

QuesTek Europe AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden, with operational focus on the European market. QuesTek Europe AB works in close collaboration with Thermo-Calc Software AB, QuesTek Innovations LLC, as well as academia and industry.

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