Meet the team

QuesTek Europe has a rapidly growing, highly specialized team of materials scientists working on computational materials design, materials modelling and analysis. Supported by the combined expertise of the 70+ scientists and engineers at QuesTek International and Thermo-Calc Software, QuesTek Europe delivers high-quality, state-of-the-art materials modelling and design services. 

John Aristeidakis, Ph.D. Materials Design Engineer

John received his doctorate in materials science and engineering and his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Thessaly, Greece. He is well experienced in CALPHAD based thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of microstructural evolution, constitutive modeling of mechanical behavior, as well as in genetic multi-objective optimization and optimization under uncertainty. John focuses on the application of ICME principles, based on modeling, simulation and optimization, for the design of materials with customized properties. He has worked extensively on the design or optimization of medium Mn steels, advanced high strength steels and aluminum alloys, for traditional manufacturing in different industries as well as with metal additive manufacturing technologies.


Ida Berglund, Ph.D. Managing Director

Ida has a doctorate in materials science and engineering from University of Florida, USA, and master of science in materials design from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Ida focuses on overall company growth and management. With multi-year international experience in project management and business development, and technical expertise is process-structure-property modelling, characterization, and design of novel materials in energy- and aerospace applications, automotive and oil & gas industry, she leads growth initiatives for QuesTek’s ICME services in Europe and manages materials- and development efforts at QuesTek Europe.

David Linder, Ph.D. Materials Design Engineer

David received his doctorate in applied materials science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and master of science in applied physics and electrical engineering from Linköping University. David works on process-structure-property modelling for a variety of materials systems and alloy design projects and is also involved in business development. David’s technical expertise is in mechanical property modelling, thermodynamic- kinetic and finite element simulations, and materials characterization (microstructure, mechanical and magnetic properties). He has extended expertise in finite element-based structure-property modeling for cemented carbide systems, and practical experience with cemented carbides, high entropy alloys and electromagnetic materials.

Savya Sachi, Ph.D. Materials Design Engineer

Savya obtained his doctorate in materials engineering from Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, France and masters in metallurgical and materials engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, between which he worked as a process engineer researcher in industry. Savya’s expertise lies in multi-scale modeling of solidification, thermodynamic-kinetic models and finite volume simulations. He is also interested in machine learning and has applied it to materials modeling. With his experience with several materials systems, including steels, aluminum, biomaterials and BMG’s, Savya focuses on enhancing QuesTek’s internal technology including tool development and maintenance, and is involved in a variety of model development- and alloy design engagements.

Fuyao Yan, Ph.D. Materials Design Engineer

Fuyao earned her doctorate in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University, USA, and bachelor in materials science and engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. Fuyao’s expertise lies in the practical application of materials design and the systems approach, with focus on process optimization. Fuyao has experience with several materials systems including steels, titanium and oxide systems, is a specialist in design of alloys for additive manufacturing, and has hands-on experience with a variety of production and characterization techniques.