Tools and software

QuesTek uses a suite of cutting-edge technology to design and develop high performance materials much faster and at a lower cost than is possible with traditional trial-and-error methods.

QuesTek combines a wide range of computational tools, materials models and databases with small sets of experimental calibration data to continuously improve a state-of-the-art materials modelling and simulation platform. This platform, combined with an in-depth understanding of the hierarchical structure of materials gives us a unique capability to develop and design a wide range of materials for very diverse applications.

Integrated materials modelling and simulation platform

QuesTek integrates physics-based models and computational tools within a systems-based framework and a proprietary software platform.

This allows us to systematically optimize material performance by computer, from concept to full scale-up, even before the first prototype is created and tested.

Processing & materials property models and databases​

QuesTek has a library of data, internally developed property models and materials databases for various alloy systems.

The library is continuously expanding, and models and databases calibrated and extended. For new designs, this library and other tools are evaluated to identify maturity and potential model development needs based on the problem at hand, with the objective to identify minimum development needs with maximum predictive confidence.

Multi-scale materials modelling and simulations

QuesTek’s computational design platform incorporates not only internally developed models, databases and engineering codes, but also a variety of commercial tools and software.

Examples of tools and software used in our Materials by Design methodology:

  • CALPHAD-based thermodynamic and kinetic tools and databases in the Thermo-Calc software suite (Thermo-Calc, the Diffusion module (DICTRA), the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) and more)
  • Quantum-mechanical and atomistic calculations
  • Finite-element continuum mechanics and heat transfer models, numerical solvers

Materials characterization and analysis

QuesTek's physics based models are calibrated and validated using data from selected and designed experiments.

During the materials design process, QuesTek uses a wide range of advanced instruments and other techniques to produce, characterize and analyse prototype materials. Characterization is a critical aspect of the feedback loop to refine databases, mechanistic models, and material designs.

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