Creating competitive advantages

Gain an edge over your competitors and boost your R&D activities with instant access to state-of-the-art modelling and world-leading experts in materials design.

The QuesTek team is comprised of experts in the field of ICME who have demonstrated the ability to design some of the world’s highest performance materials, quickly deploy them into demanding applications, and solve a variety of materials-based challenges.

Benefits of working with QuesTek

QuesTek works to create real value and greater competitive advantages for clients by using ICME to improve understanding, develop purpose-designed materials and optimize processes.

  • New or better products that use superior, patent-protected materials
  • Lower capital, operating and maintenance costs for engineered materials and products
  • Reduced risks, costs and timelines for material and product development projects
  • Optimized or more robust supply chains
  • Improved manufacturing, production and processing operations
  • Greater insight into tomorrow’s products and technologies
  • Greater environmental protection and improved resource-efficiency



What QuesTek brings

When working with QuesTek, you get the full benefit of:

  • An experienced design team with extensive knowledge of alloy design
  • Solid knowledge base of multiple alloy systems
  • Relevant databases, models and methods
  • Validated proprietary models
  • Validated proprietary databases
  • Proven methods for model development, validation and verification
  • A track record in accelerated implementation
  • Existing IP and patents

Demonstrated success

The FerriumTM steels exemplify QuesTek’s success in applying ICME technologies and Materials by DesignTM to develop innovative high-performance alloys.

FerriumTM S53TM: QuesTek experience and expertise were instrumental to the success of the first novel, advanced computationally designed material to fly in safety critical application. Learn more about FerriumTM S53TM.

FerriumTM M54TM: A well-documented success of QuesTek’s design approach where this ultra-high strength steel was designed, developed and commercialized within four years for the aerospace hook-shank application. QuesTek’s computational design approach contributed to accelerating the entire process, from design and development to manufacturing and deployment, including formal product qualification. This resulted in a 50% decrease in materials development time and 70% decrease in related costs. Learn more about FerriumTM M54TM.

“Ferrium S53 was developed with only five prototypes over a two-year period resulting in a development cost savings of approximately $50 million.”
DoD - DoE - EPA Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program Information Bulletin Number 15
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