Materials and applications

Improve your products with materials designed for performance, processability, cost-efficiency and sustainability.

QuesTek has experience across a wide range of alloy and material systems, for example Al, Ti, Cu, Ni, Co, Mo, W, Nb, Ta, high entropy alloys, metallic materials tailored for additive manufacturing and ceramic coatings, for a diverse mix of industries. See below to learn more about some specific areas of expertise.

Energy, oil and gas

Increase efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact using high-performance materials for demanding energy applications.

Example: QuesTek’s castable Ni- single crystal superalloy QTSXTM (1 wt.% Re) achieves the creep and rupture performance of expensive 2nd generation SX superalloys (3 wt.% Re) while maintaining the processability of Re-free alloys. QTSXTM is a cost-efficient alternative for gas turbine blades, for example. Learn more about QTSXTM.

Automotive, transport and defense

Improve performance with increased strength, wear resistance or via light-weighting, or minimize manufacturing steps, using customized materials.

Example: FerriumTM C64TM is a high strength, high surface hardness, tough carburizable steel with high temperature resistance for applications such as gears and bearings in power transmission. Learn more about FerriumTM C64TM

Space and aerospace

Take light-weighting by component design a step further using materials with properties beyond state-of-the-art, tailored for your chosen manufacturing method or existing supply chain.

Example: QuesTek’s castable Ti-alloys (QuesTalloyTM Ti-6-4 Mod) are low-cost alternatives to cast, wrought and additively manufactured Ti-6-4. With lower vanadium content, higher tolerance to oxygen and iron, as well as improved mechanical properties after casting or additive manufacturing, QuesTek’s Ti-alloys are an excellent alternative for near-net-shape manufacturing of high-performance Ti-components. Learn more about QuesTalloyTM Ti-6-4 Mod.


Materials for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) in principle enables unrestricted component design, but requires highly processable materials that can retain or enhance properties of traditionally manufactured alternatives. Materials designed for AM ensure improved repeatability and higher product quality.

Example: QuesTek’s high-strength Al-alloys designed for AM achieve the processability of Al-Si-Mg alloys, but have significantly improved properties over incumbent alternatives. QuesTek’s series of designs are highly processable combined with high strength, high corrosion resistance and/or high strength at elevated temperature. Contact us to learn more about QuesTek's alloys of AM.

Are you interested in licensing or testing these materials, or have inquiries about other materials under development? contact us now.​