QuesTek ICME and Materials by Design™


Leverage state-of-the-art materials- and process-modelling to complement your in-house capabilities
Reduce development time with our modelling and design services

On-time and efficient delivery of services tailored to your development needs

Avoid experimental trial-and-error; get it right from the beginning

Reliable and high-quality modelling results and recommendations

Minimize risks and costs related to design, development and upscaling

Physics-based models and advanced statistics replaces pure empirical confidence

Improving materials design and development using powerful software and validated methodology

Solving materials-based challenges

Our team of experts ensure fast, reliable, high quality delivery of services, from specific calculations and analysis to complete ICME evaluation, and materials & process design.
Working closely with your engineers, QuesTek identifies, plans and executes on the modelling and design activities that provides the most value to your development project. 

All services are tailored to your specific needs

Demonstrated ability to design and deploy the world’s highest performance materials

Accelerating the development and insertion of enabling materials

Based on extensive experience & building upon 600+ completed projects across all major alloying systems & processing technologies, QuesTek offers customized analysis, modelling, and materials design, development or optimization services.

Custom services building upon experience from 600+ projects across material families and processing routes

Example services provided to industry

Content and deliverable of a service is customized to meet your specific needs. We tailor our services based on what you are trying to achieve and available resources in the project.

Modelling service

ICME evaluation of your material

Analysis and select modelling of process-structure-property-performance links for your current material and process. Evaluation of sensitivity to process variables. 

Identification of materials & process optimization strategies

Modelling service

Material selection for a new product

Analysis and modelling of select properties / processability metrics. Screening a range of materials based on performance needs and processing constraints.                     

Recommended materials for experimental testing and up-scaling

Design service

Optimized heat treatment cycle 

Analysis of problem and client data, and modelling heat treatment effects on properties, including uncertainty quantification. Optimization for robust and reliable properties.                                                                               

New heat treatment schedule to enhance product quality & yield

Design service

Refined composition specification 

Analysis and modelling effects of  microstructure and properties. Uncertainty quantification and optimization of alloying content and allowable impurity ranges.                          

New composition specification for your supply chain